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    About Us


    Family Owned & Operated Since 1997

    Born out of our love of fine wines and a strong family bond, Bianca Rainaud Cellars has been making award winning wine and Lemoncello for 15 years.
    Started by an uncle, a father, and a son not afraid to go the distance for the right ingredients and the best taste. From picking grapes at the vineyard at dawn, to processing and bottling their high quality product, from start to finish nothing but the best goes into the final product.

    Come and taste the experience for yourself.



    Limoncello is an Italian liquor that is drunk after a meal. It is best served straight from the freezer into a frozen glass. the drink originated from the Almalfi Coast and is served in small ceramic cups. Our cellars produce award winning Limoncello Di Crema.


    Come Hear Our Story

    We invite you to come be a part of our growing story.

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