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    Good Wine, Good Food, Good Friends!


    Our Family Story

    Back in 1997 my uncle Al Musetti and my father Harvey Bustichi asked me to help pick grapes for that years vintage. At that time I was reluctant because I had no interest in making wine, but I did agree and at 7 am one misty morning in October I was in the vineyard picking grapes with my dad and uncle.

    That day...

    The sun was just beginning to rise. The dew was still on the vines and the morning air was cool and crisp. The mist was hanging over the vineyard about 20' and in the distance hot air balloons could be seen floating through the sky. The rising sun made the colors of the balloons glow bright and beautiful.


    While I was picking the grapes I stopped to look at my uncle and dad picking at my side. They both looked at me, saying nothing, just smiling. I remember looking up to see the end of the mist just above the vineyard. I could see the balloons with their brilliant colors, the sun shining, and the rays splitting through the mist. I looked up as the sun hit my face and remember thinking, "you have to be kidding!" I felt so special picking grapes with my dad and uncle that day, and I have been making wine and Lemoncello ever since! Bianca Rianaud Cellars was created shortly after that day, and has been in business since.

    I have been making wine and Lemoncello for over 15 years now. It is because my uncle Alfred Musetti and my dad Harvey Bustichi, asking them to help them pick grapes that day in October that I have come this far in the art of making fine wines. I will always be thankful to them.

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